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Modern Ruihe after sale service commitment
1.according to the mechanical product quality warranty period of the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, the user equipment in the debugging acceptance date, enjoy two years of free warranty limited treatment ( electric parts of six months ).
2.the warranty period of equipment failure ( non-human factors ), can enjoy free services, services for the telephone guidance and on-site service two, when the call instruction can't solve the problem, our company will send professional repair personnel free door-to-door service.
3.common equipment ( no special installation requirements ) to carry out installation guide free phone, have special equipment installation requirements ( full automatic washing machine and ironing machine ) our company will send professional and technical personnel to guide the installation and debugging.
4.of my company all products enjoy our life-long service, two years after the warranty period of the equipment for free, in need of repair, modern Ruihe company service personnel will charge a reasonable fee, material fee and accommodation expenses according to the criterion of the company. 5.modern Ruihe after sale service 24 hours a day response. ( triangle, brake pads, rubber hose and so on ) don't like my company warranty.
7.the company responsible for the equipment operation maintenance plan for the user, and not regularly to the user equipment used to visit.
8.note: due to the busy business, all products may not inventory is complete, before ordering please consult, the normal production process, delivery dates for orders less than two weeks.
9.Where to order products in our company, if no special instructions, as recognition of the company service!
10.Device users in the debugging acceptance date, enjoy two years of free warranty treatment co..


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